Elico Essentials Lunge Whip


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Elico Essentials Lunge Whip is 160cms long, with a synthetic braid finished shaft. It also has a black rubber grip handle and a short string popper.

Lunge whips are usually used for lunge work, working in a round pen or doing in hand work. The length allows you to keep your distance when you need to, but also helps reach all the way back to the hindquarters during in hand work.

The shaft of the whip is the long stiff part, the lash is the long “rope like” part of the whip, and the popper refers to what is on the end of the whip (in the case of this lunge whip it is a short string)

Features of the Elico Essentials Lunge Whip:

  • 160cms long
  • synthetic braid finished shaft
  • black rubber grip handle
  • short string popper

Colours available:

  • red
  • blue
  • black

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