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Equidisc bridle number with 3 number display. Look smart in dressage and other competitions with this bridle number approved by British Dressage.

Features of the Equidisc bridle numbers:

  • Slots onto the throat latch
  • Includes elastic ties as well
  • Fits rolled leather bridles & Straps to 20mm


  • 1 number disc
  • 3 sets of numbers (6 number plates in each set, printed both sides from 0-9 plus blanks)
  • 3 rubber ties (1 spare)
  • 1 storage case

Instructions for use:

  • Insert your competition numbers into the disc (spring them into place)
  • For small numbers, eg. 3, put the blank number plates either side

How to attach the Equidisc bridle number

  • To fasten to throat latch or strap up to 14mm wide:
    • Lay the top slot of the disc against the strap
    • Turn the leather on edge and ease into the slot
    • Now turn the leather to lock into place
    • Do the same for the bottom slot
    • !!NB – do not bend the disc, only the leather – it’s more flexible!!
  • To fasten to rolled leather and straps up to 20mm wide
    • **use the elastic ties provided**
    • Put one end of a tie into the top slot of the equidisc and hold in place with your thumb
    • Lay the slot against the leather
    • Now with your other hand take the loose end of the tie, pass it round behind the leather then back into the same slot
    • Do the same for the bottom slot
    • Arrange the ends so they sit neatly
    • !! Warning – Do not overstretch the elastic ties – they are designed for sizes of tack as specified above!!

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