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Breed: Arab

My Rescue Story

My name is Oaken and I arrived with a group of my friends after our needs were not being met and our health was starting to suffer.

When I first arrived at HAPPA I went in to the assessment unit where I completed my 21 days.  While in the assessment unit I had a visit from the farrier who gave my feet a little trim and the vet gave who gave me a full health check.  I wasn’t to keen on the vet as I was quite unsettled but the care team gave me lots of reassurance and kept me nice and calm.

I have recently moved onto the main yard with my friends.  I was a little unsettled to begin with as there was a lot going on, the care team worked very closely with me and I have improved a lot.

I am going to continue my rehabilitation over the next couple of months, I will get to play in the crew barn with some new friends which I’m really excited about and I’m going to enjoy all the attention from the public, I still get a little nervous occasionally  but overtime I will gain more confidence and become a lot more settled.