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Date of Birth: 10/05/17

Breed: Welsh X

My Rescue Story

Hello my name is HAPPA Truffle and I was born at Shores Hey Farm following the Rescue of my mum, HAPPA Toffee. Toffee was rescued as her needs were not being met and she was starting to suffer.

When I was born I had to have a little help from the Equine Care Team as my mum wasn’t keen on me feeding, she would walk away every time I tried. After a couple of days we both got the hang of it and from then on I always had a full belly.

I have been out to a home through the Temporary Foster Care Scheme with my best friend HAPPA Blueberry and we have learned so much including, being led correctly, picking our feet out and behaving like proper young ladies.

I will soon be starting the backing process to see if I can become a Rideable. I love spending my free time out in the field, eating the lovely grass and playing with all my new friends.